Coastline Christian Academy is a discipleship school.  It is our desire that all students attending CCA attend a local church faithfully.  At least one parent or guardian must have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. 

Application Process

  1. CLICK HERE to visit our TADS page for admissions 

  2. Create an account with TADS (billings and student information systems company)

  3. Fill out the application form

  4. Submit the application and make payment of the non-refundable new student application fee (NOTE: this fee is only refundable if your child is not accepted to CCA)

  5. CCA will schedule a time to meet your family. 

During our meeting with the family, we will discuss spiritual growth, conduct and academic standards required for admission into CCA, as well as answer questions parents or students may have about our school.  K-2 students may be asked to take a reading, math and writing assessment. 

Coastline Christian Academy is a private institution and reserves the right to refuse admittance to anyone who fails to meet the requirements set forth.   Admission is not determined by race, color, or nationality. 

VPK students will not be charged any fees if attending with a state voucher.