Tuition & Fee Schedule 2019/20


Beginning March 11, 2019 we will accept Applications.  The fees are nonrefundable and the new student application fee is required to be paid at the completion of the online form.

New Student Application Fees

Application Fee- $50 March 11, 2019- June 30, 2019 (Only K-2)
Late Application Fee- $75 Begins July 1, 2019 (Only K-2)

Applications will be accepted in the order as they are submitted.  If a particular class becomes full, we will place your child on a waiting list.

Annual Curriculum Fee

A nonrefundable yearly curriculum fee will cover curriculum and materials to support each student during the year, this fee is due July 1 of each year.

3 year olds: $85
Kindergarten fee: $200
First and Second Grade: $425 

Coastline Christian Academy has partnered with TADS Tuition Management in order to provide you with multiple payment options.  TADS charges a fee per family based on your choice of Tuition Payment Plan.  You may choose to pay your annual tuition annually, semi annually or you may pay 10 or 12 monthly payments.

K-2 Uniform/Dress-code

Uniforms are required for kindergarten through second grade

Annual Tuition Fee

3 year olds: $2,250
VPK: Free with State Voucher

Kindergarten through Second grade:
1st Student: $5,500

 Discount Tuition Fee:  Siblings Living in Same Household
2nd Sibling Student:  $5,300
3rd Sibling Student:  $5,100
4th Sibling Student: $4,900

Field Trips

To be determined by the teacher; not included in fees